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ANERGUI organize your family hiking, family travel, family vacation Morocco into authentic landscapes



Family adventure




Hikes of an easy level perfectly adapted for families.

Every hike will become an opportunity to discover the mountains of the Atlas and the Moroccan desert, including friendly encounters with the Berber population and their traditions.

Mules and rivers will delight your children in the Atlas, as will the friendly atmosphere created in the desert by the camel drivers and camel caravans.

Treks and hikes that will give you unforgettable memories!

Our hikes are organised in the spirit of friendly encounters with the Berber population: Youll be living on a daily basis with our team that is prepared to share with you their knowledge of the region and its traditions and their experience of organising your hike. The mules will carry your luggage and all the logistics during the trek, to ensure an easy level to an active holiday. The team will ensure your entertainment in the evening (Berber songs).
Your change of surroundings is guaranteed.


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Atlantic coast

Desert Grand south

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- Hikes in Atlas moutains are possible from may to October
- Only Kasbahs of high Atlas and Berber villages are possible from october to may

w Kasbahs of High Atlas The Telouet valley
(from October to May-1 week - E) 
N17 on the map

From the High Atlas often covered in snow, we climb back up the Telouet valley by its paths cut into the red and ochre rock, passing by the Oulina wadi. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the villages, the fortified buildings surrounded by green gardens.

A trek in the high Atlas, painted by Jacques Majorelle, who was impressed by the grand architecture of the Kasbahs. We will be welcomed by the Berber families, our hosts for a few nights in the kasbahs

This hike, present no walking difficulty and has a slow pace

w Berber villages
(from October to May -1 week - E)
N2 on the map

Discover the beauty of the Atlas with its landscapes of ochre and red, its citadel villages that seem to have been taken out of the Middle Ages, surrounded by terraced farmland in front of snowy summits that reach 4000m high.

A hike focused on the discovery of the Berber culture with time to share the daily lives of our hosts.

This hike, present no walking difficulty and has a slow pace

w The transhumance of Yagour (1 week - E) N 19 on  the map

Close to Marrakesh we find Yagour, a place of transhumance for the nomad tribes of the High Atlas. This high plateau possesses the most beautiful prehistoric carvings in Morocco. The villages hanging from the mountains are considered to be amongst the most ravishing of the area. A hike with a great diversity of landscape : high valleys, a desert plateau, canyons, gorges and waterfalls.

w Berber encounters : the Anergui valley
(from May to September -1 week - E) 
N5 on the map

This is a hike through time in the heart of the Atlas away from the constraints of civilisation, with valleys rich in architectural heritage and grand landscapes that will mesmerize the visitors.

Encounters with Berber tribes that are very attached to their culture and tradition, will give you a friendly and warm experience.

Far from the tourist flow, Anergui, wild with its long tradition is really worth the detour. (For more information:

This mountain trek is particularly suited to families.

 w At Bougmez valley, the happy valley (1 week-E)   N3 on the map

From April onwards, nature bursts forth into life in the blessed Ait Bouguemez Valley as in all the valleys of the Atlas. Its time once again to set ones mind to so many tasks - houses and homes to be renovated; fields to be ploughed; seed to be sown and crops to be harvested. As you walk from one valley to another, you will gain an insight into the Berber way of life.

This mountain hike is particularly suited to families and to those who would like to be accommodated in the homes of local residents.

w The valley of the roses From Mgoun to Dads (1 weekE)   N9 on the map

Located in the southern region of Morocco and offering the most fabulous contrasts, the Valley of the Roses - Valley of 1000 Kasbahs - reveals its charms to all as the seasons unfold.

All year round, the red earth of the Kasbahs contrasts with the lush green countryside while each encounter with the local people brings warmth and enrichment to every visitor.

This mountain trek is particularly suited to families.


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Map of Morocco


Atlantic coast

w Atlantic drift on the beaches of Essaouira
(All year around - 1 week - E)
N10 on the map

An Atlantic drift between land and sea over an exceptional wild coastline

A camel ride on an exceptional wild coast to the rhythm of the tides and the winds. Alternating cliff paths, argan tree forests, fishing villages, white sand dunes and beaches.

An invigorating ride from peninsular Imassouane to Essaoura fishing port, fortress.

An invigorating crossing.


Map of Morocco




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DESERT  South of Morroco

w Saharan itineraries
(from March to October - 1 week - E)
 N12 on the map

A friendly camel ride through an exceptional variety of landscapes, offering a discovery of the desert and its many aspects. The ocra powder sand meets the black rock: its the transition from the erg to the reg. Then from the sand crests to the rocky plateaux with magnificent canyons, their oasis with their irrigation systems. All this is completed by the discovery of villages with their magnificent kasbahs not to mention the prehistoric drawings and fossils in the many caves of the region.

w Oued Dra and Zagora Saharan escapade
(from March to October1 week-E) 
N13 on the map

The valley of Draa draws itself towards the south and looses itself towards the immense space where the Sahara raids in all its splendour. Its here in the grand silence of the Sahara that the magic of the desert impregnates us Our trek on the dunes from Nesrat to the Lihoudi erg will make you discover a variety of landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Eroded mountains, regs, dunes and oases.

A circuit designed to encourage the encounter with the Berber nomads and the Saharan tribes.



w Saghro peaks to Merzouga dunes  (10 days-M) N18 on the map

A hike on a mineral desert, daedalus of dark rocks, erose plateaux, rocky peaks and canyons, to finish to the erg Chebbi dunes. A hike in the land of the Ait Atta nomads, from a grand mineral landscape to the highest dunes of morrocan Sahara


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