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For a slow discovery on foot of the superb landscapes where the Sahara raids in all its splendour.

From Sagho passing by the erg Chebbi, the dunes of Cheggaga and the valley of Draa, every trek and every hike are a discovery of the superb landscapes : gorges, sand dunes with camping sites surrounded by palm trees or with tiny oases.

It is here, in the grand silence of the Sahara, that the magic of the desert impregnates us

Our hikes are organised in a spirit of friendly encounters with the Berber population : Youll be living on a daily basis with our team that is prepared to share with you their knowledge of the region and its traditions and their experience of organising your hike.
The mules will carry your luggage and all the logistics during the trek, to ensure a smooth and yet active holiday.

The presence of the dromedaries makes it an unforgettable experience. They will carry your language and all the logistics (tents, food) to ensure a smooth and easy yet active holiday. Our team will assure your evening entertainment around the fire singing Berber songs. Youll be eating traditional bread baked in the sand. A change of scene is guaranteed.

We will let you discover these treks on your own; as our camel drivers say the desert has to be experienced not talked about

* The hikes in the desert are possible from October  to May

  Oued Dra and Zagora

Saharan itineraries

Erg Cheggaga

The caravan route

The large desert space

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w Oued Dra and Zagora - Saharan escapade
(1 week - E)  N13 on the map

The valley of Draa draws itself towards the south and looses itself towards the immense space where the Sahara raids in all its splendour. Its here in the grand silence of the Sahara that the magic of the desert impregnates us

Our trek on the dunes from Nesrat to the Lihoudi erg will make you discover a variety of landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Eroded mountains, regs, dunes and oases.

A circuit designed to encourage the encounter with the Berber nomads and the Saharan tribes.




Map of Morocco

w Saharan itineraries (1 week - E)  N12 on the map

A friendly camel ride through an exceptional variety of landscapes, offering a discovery of the desert and its many aspects. The ocra powder sand meets the black rock: its the transition from the erg to the reg.
Then from the sand crests to the rocky plateaux with magnificent canyons, their oasis with their irrigation systems.
All this is completed by the discovery of villages with their magnificent kasbahs not to mention the prehistoric drawings and fossils in the many caves of the region.  

w Erg Cheggaga (1 week - E)  N14 on the map

Where the Atlas ends, there are the grand ergs with a few oases where you find the blue nomads. The discovery of the Sahara at the slow rhythm of a caravan.
A hike to encounter the tribes of the Sahara.


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w The Caravan trail of grand south - From Draa to Tafilalet (2 weeks - M)  N15 on the map

Through the large dunes of erg Chebbi the most beautiful dune domain of the Moroccan Sahara then the huge palm grove of Tafilalet with a few magnificent ksars, and at last the impressive vertical gorges of Todra.
A trek to discover the grand south of Morocco. On the tracks of the ancient caravaneers.


Map of Morocco


w The large desert space (2 weeks - M)

Going towards Mauritania, the large Moroccan south opens up to unfinished plateaux, mountains and immense dunes as many testimonies of the desert in such a mythical place.

A Saharan hike through these important places of encounters with the nomad population.



w Saghro peaks to Merzouga dunes  (10 days-M)

A walk on a mineral desert, daedalus of dark rocks, erose plateaux, rocky peaks and canyons, to finish to the erg Chebbi, the highest dunes of the morrocan Sahara.


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