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This is the last and oldest mountain range before the Sahara. It starts at the Atlantic coast and goes up to Algeria, hence forming Djbel and Saghro.

From Siroua, where erosion has sculptured the majestically stern landscape, to Saghro, a rocky daedalus which resembles the Algerian Hoggar.

Hiking in a unique landscape which will allow you to discover a forgotten land of exceptional beauty where nature has remained wild.

Our hikes are organised in a spirit of friendly encounters with the Berber population : Youll be living on a daily basis with our team that is prepared to share with you their knowledge of the region and its traditions and their experience of organising your hike. The mules will carry your luggage and all the logistics during the trek, to ensure a smooth and yet active holiday.

* The hikes in the Anti Atlas are possible from October to may

The Saghro


The djebel Siroua

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w Saghro peaks  (1 week-E) N11 on the map

Saghro is an astonishing region. South east of Ouarzazate, this pre-Saharan volcanic range of mountains is a daedalus of dark rocks, erose plateaux, rocky peaks and canyons where small villages nest, surrounded by their tiny green gardens.

A hike in the land of the Ait Atta nomads, in a grand mineral landscape  that resembles the Algerian Hoggar.

Map of Morocco

w The country of almond trees and Tafraout (1 week-E)

A hike in the Anti Atlas not far from Agadir. Dry, southern mountain ranges where erosion has sculptured a majestically stern landscape of great beauty with the pink granite chaos, where almond trees grow deep into the small valleys surrounded by small coloured villages in oases. The landscapes are as surprising as the villages, and the reception is cordial.



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w Saffron country : the djebel Siroua
(1 week-E)
N8 on the map

It is no longer the Atlas and not yet the desert. Changing landscapes, from volcanic to tender green oases, from deep valleys where saffron grows to desert plateaux, high altitude green plateaux where the Ait Ouaouzgit nomad tribes move their herds to the sheep folds. A trek through many different landscapes in a magical environment of unbelievable colours.




w From Saghro peaks to Merzouga dunes
(10 days-M) N18 on the map

A hike on a mineral desert, daedalus of dark rocks, erose plateaux, rocky peaks and canyons, to finish to the erg Chebbi dunes.

A hike in the land of the Ait Atta nomads, from a grand mineral landscape to the most beautiful dune domain of the Moroccan Sahara


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